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Kerala lockdown curbs tightened amid increase in COVID TPR

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Kerala tightens quarantine restrictions amid rising TPR COVID

The Kerala government on Friday announced further tightening of the state’s isolation restrictions caused by Covid, in response to an increase in coronavirus test positive rates in the past few days, Chief Minister Pinaraya Vijayan said Friday. The average positive test rate over the past three days is 12.1%. TPR exceeds 10 percent in 11 counties, with Malappuram having the highest rate at 17 percent.

“In the context of the spread of Covid, central and state government agencies, government agencies, public sector enterprises, companies, commissions and corporate offices in local A and B bodies can operate with 50 percent staff and up to 25 percent staff. Category C areas.” Vijayan said.

Only basic services will operate in Category D zones where the TPR exceeds 15%. The remaining 50% of Category A and B employees and 75% of Category C employees should be involved in Covid mitigation activities, he said.

“District collectors must take the initiative to hold them accountable for the work. Since only the main services operate in category D, a huge number of

most of the employees will be involved in prevention activities. “

“Areas with a high prevalence of the disease are considered clusters. At the same time, a micro-isolation system will be introduced, ”the chief media minister said after a daily meeting to assess COVID-19.

He said Kerala has already been assessed nationally as an effective vaccine nation and is at the forefront of the zero waste phase and higher dose vaccinations.

“At least 60 percent of the population in the community needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity to this disease. A third wave is unlikely if herd immunity is achieved to the required level through strict adherence to the Covid protocol. The third wave will not happen naturally. This is due to deficiencies in the control of Covid and disruptions in the supply of vaccines, ”he said.

Vijayan said that at this stage, the state government tried to give people at least one dose of the vaccine as soon as possible and asked them to avoid crowds where there is a risk of rapid spread due to the presence of the delta variant of the virus. …

On Friday, the state reported 17,518 new cases of COVID-19 with a TPR of 13.63%. Vijayan said 1,77,09,529 people were vaccinated, of whom 1,24,64,589 received a single dose and 52,44,940 received both doses.

“People who do not have access to smartphones and computers are vaccinated by registering with ASHA activists. So far, about 40,000 pregnant women in the state have been vaccinated, ”he said.

The Department of Health has launched a campaign to vaccinate all pregnant women.

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