‘Kohli trying to distract himself with such statements’: Ex Pakistan bowler says India captain is ‘feeling the pressure’


Former Pakistani cricketer Sohail Tanvir said India’s captain Virat Kohli will be under pressure ahead of the game against Pakistan, even though the captain said in a pre-match press conference that the match would be no different from any other match.

India will face the Pakistani side led by Babar Azam in their first match of the 2021 T20 World Cup in Dubai on Sunday.

“This is a great match. India versus Pakistan is always a high tension game that adds to the excitement of the tournament. There is definitely pressure on the players, whether they admit it or not, both individually and as a team. “Sohail Tanvir said on Geo TV.

“There is a burden of expectation and India is the best team on paper and therefore they will have additional pressure. Virat Kohli is trying to distract himself from this pressure with his statements at the press conference, but he must feel it. Nevertheless.”

Kohli said Saturday that the thinking and preparation of the team is “no different” and that the approach remains the same as in any other game.

“For me, it has never been any different from any other cricket game we play. Yes, the atmosphere in the stadium is different, but our thinking is not different, our preparation is not different and our approach to the game is certainly not different, ”said the Indian captain.

The Indian captain also reiterated that the team’s unbeaten record against Pakistan at the T20 World Championships is worthless and insisted that such things only add to the pressure of the game.

“We never discussed it in the team – what are our achievements or what we have achieved in the past. They distract you. What matters is how you prepare and how you perform that day, regardless of opponents. These things create additional pressure, “Kohli said.

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