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Malaika Arora relieves stress, anxiety with Yoga’s Eka-Pada-Rajakapotasana

Another Monday, another fitness challenge from yoga enthusiast Malaiki Arora, who made the Eka-Pada-Rajakapotasana complex look funny and amusing when she nailed it with props. After showing fitness fans how to add “fun” to their workouts, Malaika applied Eka-Pada-Rajakapotasana, or the one-legged royal pigeon pose in yoga with a “stress and anxiety relief” belt.

Taking up her social media work, as she usually does every Monday during the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaika shared a photo that gave fans a glimpse of her active workout. Wearing an onion pink sports bra paired with a pair of black tights, the Bollywood star pulled her sleek hair into a braid to accentuate the sporty look.

“Namaste Everyone! We are back with a new pose to strike in a new way, WITH THE BELT (sic), ”shared Malaika in the caption. She added, “Training with props can be fun. If you look around, you will find so many things to use as a support. If you don’t have a belt, you can always use a towel or belt (sic). “

Sharing the benefits of yoga asana, Malaika said, “This week’s pose is Eka-Pada-Rajakapotasana with a belt. If you are a beginner, you should definitely try this pose. This pose opens the hip joints and stretches the entire lower body. Stretching the body relieves stress and anxiety (sic). “


Start with a simple pigeon pose, bend your left knee and wrap one end of the strap around your left foot. Make sure your toes are facing the roof. Take your body forward, grab the other end of the strap and pull it towards you.

Press your foot against the belt and run your hands along the belt, pulling your foot to your head. When your hands come to the foot or closer, inhale. Now, as you exhale, take your head back. Stay in the pose for 10-30 seconds.

Release the strap slowly and come out of the pose. Repeat on the other side.

Additional health benefits of Eka-Pada-Rajakapotasana or one-legged royal pigeon pose:

This one-legged royal pigeon pose is not only an effective hip-opening exercise, but also stimulates the internal organs, stretches the deep buttocks, groin and psoas, which is the longus muscle on the side of the spine and pelvis of the human body. Helps with urinary disorders, relieves piriformis muscle lesions and relieves sciatic pain.

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