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Man jumps off moving plane at Los Angeles airport. Here’s what happened next

Image source: AP

A man jumps from a moving plane at the Los Angeles airport. This is what happened next

A man jumped out of a moving plane at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday night. Associated Press quoted by the authorities as they say.

SkyWest-operated United Express Flight 5365 was leaving the gate shortly after 19:00 when a man unsuccessfully tried to break into the cockpit by hitting the door, then managed to open the service door and jumped off the emergency slide onto the runway.

The man was immediately detained on the taxiway, treated and taken to hospital. Meanwhile, the twin-engined Embraer 175 heading for Salt Lake City returned to its gates.

The flight departed for Salt Lake City late Friday night and arrived early Saturday morning, according to the relevant website.

The FBI is currently investigating the matter for details. It is still not clear why the passenger took such an extreme step.

This is said to be the second outage at LAX in two days. Earlier Thursday, a driver broke through a lattice fence at a FedEx cargo facility and entered the airfield, crossing the runways as police chased the car. Police said the driver was detained and no injuries were reported. Two runways were closed briefly.

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