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Meet the poet who translated Kabir’s verses into Urdu – Times of India

NEW DELHI. The young poet Hashim Raza Jalalpuri, who translated the poetry of the 16th century saint poet Mirabai into Urdu, accomplished another great feat. He translated 100 hymns of the holy poet Kabir into Urdu.

Hashim was born on August 27, 1987 in the family of famous poets Zulfikar Jalalpuri and Sarvari Bano, famous for their Nohas (elegies) and Salamas (poems). in praise of the descendants of the Prophet, this name is well known in poetic circles and has been visited by several musiras and kawi sammelans.


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“I read the first lesson of Ganga Jamuni Tehzib in Jalalpur, which I remember to this day,” he says.

Hashim Raza, translating Kabir’s verses into Urdu, says: “There is no caste or community of saints, in the hearts of saints there is equality for all.”

“There is no difference of religions, there is no difference of nations, all are the same on the path of mankind, Hindus and Muslims are one, slaves of only one God, people are one.”

Hashim says he “inherited poetry from his father,” but his sources of inspiration are the famous poet Anwar Jalalpuri, who translated the Gita into Urdu, and Professor Nayar Jalalpuri, head of the Urdu department at Lucknow University.

On why he chose to translate Kabir, Hashim told IANS that “not only India, but the whole world needs love and brotherhood the most.”

“Kabir is the greatest promoter of love and brotherhood, so his works should reach people in simple language so that the distance between people of different sects can be reduced.”

After translating Kabir’s poems into Urdu, he is now seeking help with the publication of his book.

With a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Rohilkhand University, Bareilly and a Master of Science in Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University, Hashim also earned a Master’s degree in Urdu Literature.

After serving as a lecturer at Aligarh Muslim University and Rohilkhand University in Bareilly, he is also Chairman of the Mirabai Foundation, an organization that empowers rural India in employment-oriented education.



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