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Neetu Kapoor reveals ‘naughty’ Ranbir Kapoor once called fire brigade to their New York house: ‘He then got scared’

Ranbir Kapoor might have grown up to be a shy, withdrawn person, but Nitu Kapoor’s mother reveals that he was the most “mischievous” child she has ever seen. About the latest release Super dance 4, Nitu Kapoor shared an anecdote from Ranbir Kapoor’s childhood. Nitu said that he once raised a fire alarm out of curiosity while the family was staying in the United States.

“Ranbir is so naughty… not now, but when he was a child. I think he’s gotten better now. He was very curious. If I had given him a car, he would not have played with it, but would have broken it, because he would like to know how it was made. “

“So one day we were in America and the fire alarm went off and he thought, ‘If I raise the alarm, what will happen? “So he did it, and the whole fire brigade left our house. So he got scared. He went to his dadi and asked her not to tell anyone that he did it, ”shared Nitu Kapoor with the show participant and judges – director Anurag Basu, Shilpa Shetty and Geeta Kapoor.

At the moment, Anurag, who has worked with Ranbir in films like Barfi! and Jagga Jasus, who is friends with the actor, said that Ranbir was “notorious” even today. However, Anurag was quick to add that the actor was raised by his parents as a “sensitive, grounded” person.

“Yes, he still hurts, but I have to tell you one thing that I have worked with so many people … Ranbir was so well brought up that he is so grounded, sensitive, emotional that he just picks up (emotions) .. . ”Said the director, before adding that he heard that Ranbir took his mother to dinner with his first paycheck.

“Yes, he did it. Before that, I always took him with me, but when he received his first paycheck, he told me that he wanted to invite me to lunch on Mother’s Day. There we could fill plates for as little as 50 or 100 rupees. It was my best dinner that my son with his income invited me to, ”Nita Kapoor mentioned with a smile.



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