Nithin Renji Panicker on directing Suresh Gopi and Renji Panicker in ‘Kaaval’


The director’s second Malayalam film, which will be released on November 25, revolves around two friends who have become adversaries.

Actor and MP Suresh Gopi Returns to the Big Screen in Nitin Renji the Scarecrow Kaaval, Released on November 25 in theaters. Renji Paniker’s son Nitin, writer, actor and director, talks about his second film Kaaval this is a “action movie”.

Scenario Nithin, the story of two friends turned enemies and the changes in their lives over two decades. Suresh Gopi and Renji play the main characters – Tampana and Antony.

Suresh Gopi with film director and screenwriter Nitin Renji Alarmiker on the set of Kaaval play | Photo: Special arrangement

Set in two time periods, Kaaval tracks the timeline of the two main characters as they go through the ups and downs of their businesses and lives. “They were allies before the incident drove a wedge between them,” he says.

Renji’s scripts, written without any knocks, catapulted Suresh into the megastar league in the late nineties and gave him the image of a supercar. So what was it like leading these two friends and contemporaries? “I grew up watching my father’s films. So, I’ve always wanted to guide Uncle Suresh. I was waiting for a script written by my father. When that didn’t work, I continued working on my script. It was an honor for me to work with these veterans, ”Nitin admits.

Renji Alarmiker (left) and Nitin Renji Alarmiker on the set of Nitin's film

Renji Alarmiker (left) and Nitin Renji Alarmiker on the set of Nitin’s film Kaval | Photo: Special arrangement

He does not hide the fact that he was extremely inspired by his father’s testosterone-based films, where male characters dominated the story and on screen.

Agreeing that Kaaval – a film on the subject, he says that when a superstar is starring, the story follows their trajectory. “It’s a natural progression and the film becomes a masculine theme. Tomorrow if I worked with Manju chechi (Manju Warrier), the theme of the film will focus on women. Scripting and casting are extremely important to the film’s storytelling. ”

Still from the film

Still from play “Kaaval” directed by Nitin Renji Paniker | Photo: Special arrangement

Filmed in Kattappan, Idukki by national award-winning filmmaker Nikhil S. Pravin, it stars Mutumani, Poli Valsan, Suresh Krishna, Shanker Ramakrishnan, Srijit Ravi and Evan Anil, among others.

In 2016 KasabaNitin’s debut, starring Mammotti, sparked controversy over some of the dialogues and scenes in the film that were criticized as misogynistic. Denying the accusations, Nitin says the ensuing controversy has never been an obstacle to writing his second film because he did not feel criticized. Kasaba was acquitted.

While there is a debate about foul language and profanity in the recently released OTT movie, the use of swear words in Renji’s previous films has generated similar discussions. “All films have been censored and shown in cinemas. I feel that what we see in the media on a daily basis is not as scary as what is shown on screens in India. People have a choice not to watch a movie in theaters.

Suresh Gopi's

“In the case of OTT, there is no censorship. So it can be problematic for families to watch such films together. But isn’t it true that there are people like these characters who use foul language as part of their daily life? “

As Kaaval When it hits theaters, Nitin moves on to his third film, which he says will be a romantic thriller. “It will include a young couple of actors of a new generation. Most likely, the film will be released in March 2022. ”


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