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Not taking Bhuvneshwar to UK huge mistake, Shardul should have been part of WTC squad: Sarandeep

Dismissing the “best bowler on the swing” Bhuvneshwar Kumar on tour England This is a huge mistake and Shardul Thakur was supposed to be part of the 15-man team in the World Testing Championship final, which India lost, according to former breeder Sarandip Singh.

Since Thakur was not part of the 15-man team, he could not be selected for the eleven-man game, as the fast versatile bowling alley after the rain in Southampton made conditions more favorable for pace players.

And not picking Bhuvneshwar for the WTC final and five tests against England starting August 4th is puzzling, said Sarandip, whose tenure ended with a triumph in Australia earlier this year.

“The eleven players selected two days ago before the game were perfect with two spinners. But it had to be changed as conditions became more favorable for fast bowling (after rain), ”Sarandip told PTI.

“You have chosen two spinners (Ravinchandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja) because they can hit. The only fast bowler who could hit was Shardoul, and he was not at fifteen. He was supposed to be on a team of 15, whether he made it to eleven or not. “

Speaking again about Bhuvneshwar’s seizure, who was named vice captain of the limited tour of Sri Lanka next month, Sarandip said the cunning pacer was automatically selected for the UK national team.

“Not taking Bhuvi back to England is a huge mistake. He’s the best hitting bowler you have, and he’s not even part of the team. “

He also thinks it’s time to get someone like Shardula ready for fast all-around bowling, and Hardik Pandya is not suitable for playing the longest format.

“You can no longer rely only on Hardik. You don’t know when it will be good enough to play bowling of all formats, so you need to look after someone like Shardul or even Vijay Shankar or Shivam Dube here.”

He expects Mohammed Siraj play regularly for five tests against England.

“There will be rotation in this series. It’s time to spill blood on Siraj and give him as many games as possible. He plays bowling well. If there is a large gap, it will be difficult for him to immediately find the right length.

“It takes a little flexibility. You play with two spoons, but if the conditions are right for the pacers, play with an additional sewing machine, ”said Sarandip.

The former India spinner also agrees with the India skipper. Virat Koli, which called for more decisive action in cloudy weather.

“Our bowling alley has been working well for a long time, but the problem is the batsmen. (Schubman) Gill was unable to play at home against England. He played well in the opening session with Rohit (at the WTC), but failed to convert. Gill has to take responsibility and withstand the pressure.

“It is now clear that you cannot play too much on defense if the ball does a lot. Be it (Cheteshwar) Pujara or (Ajinkya) Rahane, or whatever. You have to step out of your comfort zone after a certain point in order to withstand the conditions.

“It’s too early to call for a major overhaul, but batsmen are in dire need of a change in approach. Even in Australia these decisive attempts were made by the lower ranks. We need players to take the tension off Kohli and Rohit. “

Sarandip also highlighted the fact that India was unable to win the ICC tournament under the leadership of Kohli, despite the stable play.

“They deserve to win, they have been playing well for over four years, but why it doesn’t happen, then something is wrong,” he added.



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