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Plea in HC to direct CBSE affiliated schools to publish docs on Class 10 marks calculation criteria

Delhi High Court asked on Monday to instruct schools affiliated with CBSE to publish a justifying document on their websites. assessment criteria for grade 10 students before finalizing the results for greater transparency.

Bench of Judge S Hari Shankar and Subramonium Prasad stated that the matter will be listed before another bench, which does not include Judge Shankar. He listed the case for a hearing before another panel of judges on June 30.

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The claim for interim damages was filed as part of a pending petition in which the applicant NGO, Justice for All, sought to change the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) policy on scoring 10th grade exams in 2021 based on the internal evaluation. schools.

The application, through attorney Hagesh B Jha and Shikhu Sharma Baggu, required an interim order for all board schools to publish a document justifying the criteria for assessing grade 10 students on their respective websites before calculating the score and uploading the same to CBSE portal to ensure transparency.

It states that students should be able to access the document and file a complaint with CBSE in a timely manner, along with a thoughtful board’s grievance mechanism for students.

The statement said that following a notice from the court on June 2, new FAQs were posted by CBSE on June 9, and it became clear that so far there is no change in their alleged arbitrary mark moderation policy, which is in violation of Article 21 (right to life) Constitution.

“The current policy is totally discriminatory, unfair, illogical and will lead to huge manipulation of grades by schools based on the performance of high school students in that particular school,” the report said.

On June 2, the High Court requested a response from the Center, the Delhi government, and CBSE to an NGO petition alleging that the council’s policy of assigning grades to grade 10 students based on internal school assessments is unconstitutional and requires change.

In its petition, the nongovernmental organization stated: “A policy of lowering the school’s average grades based on the historical performance of the school’s previous average performance, in terms of the school’s best overall performance, would be unfair to students as school performance is in no way related to student performance “.

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It also states that moderating grades according to the district, country, and state GPA “was completely unwise, illogical and punitive for the students of the school first appearing on board exams,” and there is no previous performance data.

The NGO argued that it could also lead to sign manipulation and exploitation, extortion of students and parents.



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