Pooja Batra merges travel and fitness in Bora Bora islands


Puja Batra goes on vacation to a picturesque beach, but does not take a day off in his fitness classes. The fitness-minded actor and passionate about yoga and high-intensity workouts continues to share snippets from his travel diaries on Instagram. On Sunday, the actor shared dozens of photos on her Instagram profile that showed what her day looked like – and it was in neon and fitness shades.

Pooja freezing like a villain in the Maldives. From bikini looks on scenic beaches to striking yoga poses set against endless blue waters, Pooja does it all and more. On Sunday, Pooja performed several yoga poses on her resort’s terrace and set new goals for her family on Instagram.

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In one of the pictures Pooja can be seen performing Padangusthasana. Dressed in a neon green sports bra and a pair of neon green sweatpants, Pooja can be seen posing for the camera, all the while doing the perfect yoga pose. The picture shows Puja balancing on one foot with the other leg folded on top and arms folded in the Namaskar position.

In another picture Pooja you can see how she balances her whole body on her head and assumes the position of a headstand. She tried a headstand version with one leg up and the other pressed to her chest. In another photo, Pooja stands with his back to the camera and extends one leg while the other leg is folded and her arms are intertwined around her leg. Let’s take a look:

Pooja Batra’s Instagram Stories. (Instagram / @ poojabatra)

Yoga poses performed by Puja in Bora Bora have many health benefits. The headstand helps to strengthen the upper body, spine, and core muscles. It also helps activate the pituitary and pineal glands. Padangusthasana, on the other hand, helps to stimulate the reproductive organs and increase flexibility.

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