Punjab must come back to ‘real issues’ that concern every Punjabi: Navjot Singh Sidhu


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Punjab must return to “real issues” that worry every Punjabi: Navjot Singh Sidhu

Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu said on Sunday that the state must “return” to its real issues that concern every Punjabi and future generations. He stated that he would not allow real problems to fade into the background. Sidhu’s claim comes amid an ongoing war of words between several congressional leaders from the Punjab and former chief minister Amarinder Singh over the latter’s friendship with Pakistani journalist Arosa Alam.

“The Punjab must return to its real problems, which concern every Punjabi and our future generations … How will we confront the financial crisis that is looming over us? I will stick to real problems and not let them fade into the background! ” Sidhu tweeted.

During his recent meeting with senior Congress leaders KK Venugopal and Harish Rawat in Delhi, Sidhu expressed concern about the 18-point agenda adopted by the leadership, on which action remains to be taken. The agenda includes actions against those guilty of the blasphemous cases of 2015 and the drug mafia.

He said Punjabis are demanding justice for police shooting in Kotkapur and Behbal Kalan in Faridkot in 2015 following the desecration of Guru Grant Sahib during the previous SAD-BJP regime.

On the drug issue, he wrote: “The big fish mentioned in the STF report should be immediately arrested and subjected to exemplary punishment.”

Other issues he noted in the letter include illegal sand mining and transportation. Justifying this in Sunday’s tweet, Sidhu said the choice was clear between “irreparable damage and the last chance to repair the damage.”

“The choice is clear between irreparable damage and the last chance to repair the damage … Who will return public resources to the state treasury, instead of going into private pockets ?? Who will lead the initiative to revive our great state to prosperity, ”he tweeted.

In his letter, Gandhi Sidhu also noted the problems that the government “must solve” and that this was “the state’s last chance for rebirth and redemption.”

“Let the fog dissipate, reality shone like the sun on the roadmap of Punjab’s revival, avoiding those who defend selfish interests, and focus only on the path that will lead to Jittega Punjab, Jittega Punjabiyat and Jittega Har Punjabi (Punjabi’s triumph) and Punjabi Punjabis)! ”read his third tweet on Sunday.

Sidhu has come up with a “Punjab Model” with a 13-point agenda, and he wants them to be part of the Congressional manifesto for the 2022 assembly.

Frustrated by the appointment of a new Punjab Police Chief and Advocate General, in addition to some distribution of portfolios in Charanjit Singh Channi’s office, Sidhu announced his resignation as head of the Congressional government division on September 28.

On October 15, he said that his fears were allayed after meeting with party leader Rahul Gandhi. On the other hand, the party announced that he will continue to lead the state unit. Punjab will run for elections early next year.

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