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Radhe Box Office: The Salman Khan starrer collects Rs. 1.20 lakhs in 25 days; theatrical run ends in Maharashtra and begins in Gujarat :Bollywood Box Office – Bollywood Hungama

Bollywood Hungama constantly reports box office receipts Radhe is your most wanted bhai, issue Eid 2021. In its first week, he worked in 3 cinemas in Tripura state. From June 11-17, it was shown at Enjoy Drive-in in Malegaon and Khinvasara Cineplex (formerly Apsara Cinema) in Aurangabad. In the third week, only Khinvasara Cineplex decided to show the film twice a day.

From Friday, June 25, from 15:00 to 18:15 show Radhe is your most wanted bhai were kept at the Khinvasara Cineplex. The theater sold 26 tickets on Friday, the same number as on Thursday, June 24th. In fact, there were more of them than last Friday, when 22 tickets were sold. Trade and theater executives expected Salman Khan’s star to attract a small but significant number of audiences, as in previous weeks.

Unfortunately, on Friday, the Maharashtra government issued an order to dissolve the Tier 1 and Tier 2 categories. Aurangabad fell under Tier 1 due to very fewer crates and the regulations allowed theaters to be opened here. But now the government has made level 3 basic. Since cinemas are only allowed to open for Level 1 and 2 cities and districts, Khinvasara Cineplex was forced to stop showing the movie on Monday 28 June when this rule took effect.

A local source told us: “There has been some confusion in Aurangabad as to when the new rule took effect. It was said that this rule will apply from Saturday, June 26th. Consequently, Khinvasara Cineplex did not give a show at 15:00. Then, when it became clear that the rule would take effect Monday, they played the show at 6:15 pm. But due to confusion and sudden fear among people about the Delta Plus variant, only 8 viewers came to the evening show. ” Meanwhile, on Sunday, June 27, 16 tickets were sold.

An industry insider said: “The fact that there were 26 spectators on Friday shows that the audience was ready to watch. Radhe is your most wanted bhai with the same pleasure as the last 2 weeks. But fear and rumors played a spoil. If a Radhe is your most wanted bhai kept playing at Khinvasar all week, I’m sure he would have decent collections. “

The trading expert told Bollywood Hungama, “Radhe is your most wanted bhai collected about Rs. 2864 on Friday, Rs. 881 on Saturday and Rs. 1763 on Sunday. These are approximate figures. ” Collections Radhe is your most wanted bhai now stand in rupees. 1.20,712.

It will end Radhe is your most wanted bhaigreat run at the Khinvasara Cineplex. Bollywood Hungama Earlier it was reported that from 11 to 17 June Radhe is your most wanted bhai collected Rs. 21,259 at the Khinvasara Cineplex. But next week (June 18-24) Radhe is your most wanted bhai collected Rs. 21 813. In other words, fees increased in the third week compared to the previous week. An industry insider said, “More tickets for Radhe is your most wanted bhai were sold on Friday June 25th compared to Friday June 18th. Radhe is your most wanted bhaitherefore, in the 4th week it would have been possible to earn more than in the 3rd week, if everything was normal. “

However, Radhe is your most wanted bhaiThe theatrical run continues. In the state of Gujarat, cinemas have been allowed to open since yesterday. And star performer Salman Khan has now been released in the cities of Surat and Jamnagar. In Surat, he will have four shows a day at The Friday Cinema and 3 shows at Rupam Cinema, both of which are located in Surat. At the Amber cinema in Jamnagar, Radhe is your most wanted bhai there will be 3 shows a day. Now it remains to be seen if viewers will come to see Radhe is your most wanted bhai on the big screen in the cities of Gujarat.

Radhe A quick overview of India’s box office

Week 1 (released in Agartal and Dharmanagar in Tripura)

1 day [13 May] – Rs. 10,432

Day 2 [14 May] – Rs. 22518

Day 3 [15 May] – Rs. 13485

Day 4 [16 May] – Rs. 13485

Day 5 [17 May] – Rs. 1.155

6th day [18 May] – Rs. 1.155

Day 7 [19 May] – Rs. 509

Day 8 [20 May] – Rs. 509

Total – Rs. 63,248

Week 2 (released in Malegaon and Aurangabad in Maharashtra)

Day 9 [11 June] – Rs. 6,018

Day 10 [12 June] – Rs. 5.445

Day 11 [13 June] – Rs. 6,229

Day 12 [14 June] – Rs. 4460

Day 13 [15 June] – Rs. 2 986

Day 14 [16 June] – Rs. 2,602

Day 15. [17 June] – Rs. 2.403

Total – Rs. 30143

Week 3 (kept in Aurangabad in Maharashtra)

Day 16 [18 June] – Rs. 2 203

Day 17 [19 June] – Rs. 2754

Day 18. [20 June] – Rs. 6,059

Day 19 [21 June] – Rs. 1,653

Day 20 [22 June] – Rs. 3.856

21 day [23 June] – Rs. 2,424

Day 22 [24 June] – Rs. 2864

Total – Rs. 21813

Week 4 (kept in Aurangabad in Maharashtra)

Day 23 [25 June] – Rs. 2864

Day 24 [26 June] – Rs. 881

Day 25 [27 June] – Rs. 1,763

Total – Rs. 5,508

TOTAL (up to date) – Rs. 1,20,712

PS: Bollywood Hungama will update Sunday figures from Gujarat as soon as we get access to it.

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