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Ramjas college seeks perfect scorers for 2 remaining seats in BA political science course – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Ramjas College of the University of Delhi (DU) has only two vacant places in Political Science (Hons), so it again aims to get top marks from applicants.

North Campus College demanded top marks for admission to the course on the first list, and on the second list, published on Saturday, the threshold remained unchanged.


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“In the first list, we approved 33 admissions for 31 places, but only 29 students paid their fees. We only have two free seats and therefore we have not lowered the threshold because we do not want to be over-enrolled. “said Tanveer Aeijaz, assistant professor of political science at the college. The threshold for undergraduate (Hons) in physics has dropped to 99.33 percent from 100 percent, while the threshold for a combination of undergraduate programs has dropped to 99.5 percent from 100 percent. percent at Ramjas College, which was one of eight colleges asked for top marks.

Dean Dayal Upadhyaya College (DDU) achieved a 1.5% reduction in its Bachelor’s (Hons) Computer Science program, for which it sought the top scores on the first list.

The course border is now set at 98.5%, but is closed for admission in the SC, ST, PwD and EWS categories.

“We analyzed the data and found that 100 percent of the participants entered Hansraj (which also had a 100 percent cap) in this subject. We expect students who score from 98.5 to 100 percent Cent will apply for 24 places and they will be filled, ”said DDU Director Hem Chand Jain.

He said that as a precaution, they kept the cap at 100% as the course is in demand, and the college has improved its NIRF rating from 15 to 13 this year.

DDU ranked first over Hansraj in the NIRF rankings for colleges.

Other colleges that set a 100 percent reduction for the course were the College of Business Studies. Shahida Sukhdeva (SSCBS) and Hansraj College, with the former also preparing a form for the course.

SSCBS also requested 98.5% for admission to the course, while Hansraj closed admission to the course.

“We had 32 admissions compared to 23 places per course at our college. There is a possibility that some students may refuse admission after they receive their engineering exam results, ”said Hansraj Rama Sharma, director of the college.

The Hindu College, which has set a 100% cap on bachelor’s (Hons) degrees in political science, has closed admission to the course listed on the second list.

They admitted nearly six times as many students, compared with 20 places in the no-reservation category, according to Manish Kansal, the college’s admissions organizer.

Sri Rama College of Commerce, which set the thresholds for undergraduate (Hons) in economics and BCom (honors) at 100 percent, lowered the requested grades to 99.75 percent and 99.12 percent, respectively, on the second list.

Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College also did not find any ideal BCom scorer on the first list and reduced the cut-off to 98.75%.

The College of Jesus and Mary has set the threshold for a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree at 100% for those who do not include this subject when calculating the percentage of four possible. The threshold for students to include this subject in their best of four subjects (BFS) grades was 99 percent. The college did not issue a second list for the course, which means that the first list was filled.

College directors who kept the thresholds at 100 percent on the first list said the highest score was a precaution to avoid over-admission.

Probably for the first time in DU history, eight colleges required higher admission scores. Last year, only Lady Sri Ram’s College kept the thresholds at 100% for three courses – Bachelor’s (Hons) in Political Science, Bachelor’s (Hons) in Psychology, and Bachelor’s (Hons) in Economics.



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