Robert Peston: journalist, broadcaster and… hoarder?


ITV’s political editor turned out to be as charmingly eccentric as you might imagine. in a profile interview with Press Bulletin

His partner Charlotte Edwards, who contributed to the article and writes for Sunday Timesrevealed that The Pest took up a lot of space when working from home and was so loud that it had to be sent to a garden shed called the New Broadcasting Hut.

When asked if her famous workaholic partner needed to relax more, she replied, “I’m not sure he does this. He’s pretty relaxed, unless he’s into weird things like having at least four spare toothpastes or extra rows of bleach.

“He definitely has a penchant for stockpiling. I knew the pandemic was serious when I opened the refrigerator and found eight bags of butter. I asked him if we would smear it on ourselves to keep warm. Yes, and washing your hands – you’ve never seen someone so excited by a government decree to spend hours singing by the pool. “

Peston says that he suffered from OCD all his life and was always “very obsessed with telling a story.”

Asked who he thinks will succeed Laura Kuensberg as BBC political editor, who is rumored to be leaving, he said, “Oh god knows. It won’t be me, because I’m not interested in it.

“Because I like what I am doing at the moment. So why would I go anywhere else? “

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