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Rule-breaking ministers who did not resign under Boris Johnson

After Matt Hancock was convicted of violating social distancing rules with his assistant Gina Coladangelo, he resigned as minister of health… This is despite the fact that Boris Johnson previously supported him and assumed that he could return to public office in the future. In fact, a number of other ministers escaped resignation or dismissal during Johnson’s premiership. Here they are:

Gavin Williamson

Last November The Court of Appeal ruled that Education Secretary Gavin Williamson acted illegally by lifting guarantees for foster children at the start of the pandemic without consulting child rights organizations.

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The decision came in the wake of the exam fiasco last summer, when schoolchildren in England plunged into stress and uncertainty about being downgraded. discredited “algorithm”

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In addition to this, repeated political controversy over free school meals threatening to leave children hungry during the holidays and lack of devices to allow poor children to study from home when schools were closed, led to the Labor Party calling for his resignation in January

Since then, advisor to the government on the catch-up program. turned down a government that agreed to spend just £ 1.4bn trying to fix the learning gap – instead of the £ 15 billion he calculated was needed.

Michael Gove

On June 9, Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove was found in violation of the law by entering into a £ 560,000 contract with the communications company Public First, which run by his associates and Dominic Cummings – the decision was tainted with “manifest bias and was illegal”, according to the High Court ruling.

His department was also convicted in June By the Information Rights Tribunal for a “profound lack of transparency” in freedom of information “blacklisting” claims, manages a secret division of the “clearing house” spreading FoI requests from journalists.

Robert Jenrick

In May 2020, the Secretary of Housing agreed that his expedited approval for Westferry housing in East London – which helped the Tory donor avoid a £ 45 million payment – was illegal

Rejecting claims of any factual bias in his behavior, Jenrik rejected Tower Hamlets’ advice and government planning officials in issuing a housing permit – a day before a developer was required to pay a £ 45 million utility bill. … neighborhood.

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Two weeks after the approval of the circuitry, the Election Commission records revealed that Richard Desmond is a former to express the owner of the newspaper who was involved in the development – donated £ 12,000 conservatives.

“We value speed because we don’t want to give Marxists a bunch of fallow deer for a song! [sic], “Read the text from Desmond Jenriku… The two exchanged messages after getting together at a charity event – something Jenrik later found out about. said he was sorry

Preity Patel

Last November request found that the Home Secretary violated the ministerial code by intimidating Whitehall employees. The Prime Minister decided not to act on his findings, despite the fact that the independent investigator Alex Allan reporting that she did not meet the standards of her office.


Without being a minister, former chief adviser to the prime minister Dominic Cummings were also allowed to remain in their role, despite violation of blocking rules about his infamous trip to Durham during the first quarantine last year.

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