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Schools in Andhra Pradesh to reopen on August 16

On Friday, the state government announced that schools in Andhra Pradesh will reopen for the 2021-22 school year on August 16.

The decision to reopen schools, delayed by the ongoing second wave of COVID-19, was taken at a high-level meeting chaired by Chief Minister J.S. Jagan Mohana Reddy.

The CMO said in a statement that the government will also publish detailed instructions on how to implement the New Education Policy 2020 on August 16.

The Chief Minister will dedicate the public schools renovated under the first phase of the Naadu-Nedu program to people, and will begin work on the second phase on 16 August.

The classification of schools into six categories from PC-1 to grade 12 will be carried out in accordance with the NEP-2020.

The existing Anganwadis will be converted into foundation subsidiary schools covering each housing, the CMO said.

The Chief Minister instructed the staff of the Department of Education to clearly explain to all interested parties why they are moving to NEP 2020.

“Raise awareness, especially among parents, of the benefits of NEP 2020. There should be no doubt or concern, ”said Jagan Mohan Reddy.

He said the state government would spend Rs 16,000 for the implementation of the 2020 NEP.

He added that this will rejuvenate the education system.

The government also decided to assign grades to grade 10 students who were declared passing in 2020 and 2021 as final exams could not be held due to the coronavirus outbreak.

While 70% of the weight will be given to slip tests, 30% will be given to formative grade to award final grades.

As the Chief Minister was informed in the School Education Department, the grades will be set in accordance with the grades.



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