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Shruti Haasan proves working out can be fun with hula hoop video, don’t miss pic with Santanu

With the Covid-19 pandemic, for many of us, fitness has receded into the background. Apart from the overwhelming situation we are facing right now, many of us felt this way because we lacked the will to work. However, we can easily feel energized with exercise if we make it fun. And if this piqued your interest, you should definitely take into account the replicas. Shruti Haasan

Shruti In his latest fitness video, he shows on social media that exercise can be fun. Today, the actor posted a video on Instagram in which she does a hula-hoop. She captioned the video: “Everything was going well until I tried to act cool.”

In the video, Shruti, wearing a black sports bra with a collar through the neck and baggy shorts, performed a hula hoop exercise. She tied her curls in a sleek top and sported her sporty glow. During training, she went barefoot and then had a great few rounds with a hula hoop.

ALSO READ: Shruti Haasan’s workout routine includes combat training, cardio and dancing to 90s music for hours.

Hula Hooping is a great addition to your daily workout routine. It helps burn calories and fat, improves cardiovascular health, challenges core muscles, improves balance, works lower body muscles, and is inexpensive and portable. In addition to overall weight loss, it also tones and trains the muscles in the abdomen.

While Luck The actor gave his fans a glimpse of his hula hoop workout, her trainer Irfan Khan shared post-workout photos with Shruti and her boyfriend Santana Khazarika. According to his post, they took a selfie after an intense workout. Irfan signed it this way: “The training was held on Sunday, pride in training these enthusiasts and a couple of powertrains.”

As for work, Shruti Haasan was last seen at Pavan Kalyan’s house. Vakil Saab and Ravi Teja Krack… Next time she will be seen in Laabam with Vijay Setupati and Prabhas Salaar

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