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Student Speak: Collaboration and networking are critical to learn new methods – Times of India

Parvati Gita, 35, from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, has chosen the UK for her higher education as the city offers opportunities for new businesses. “London also attracts professionals from all over the world, offering a wide range of contacts. Collaboration and networking are critical to teaching business innovation, ”says Parvati, who is a sophomore MBA at Alliance Manchester Business School.

Parvati is currently a Senior Business Analyst at an IT firm in London for the past six years. “Before moving to London, I worked in India at Technopark, Kerala, after completing my Bachelor of Science in Electronics from Anna University,” says Parvati. Born and raised in a middle-class family, she graduated from elementary and high school in Kerala.

Professional Development


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The Global MBA program helped Parvati to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from various case studies into real-life work scenarios. “It also helps me make decisions, which is a key point in my work. Some things like strategy, competition and game theory that I got in my MBA have changed my perception of the situation and my approach to problem solving, ”explains Parvati.

Course content

The Global MBA covers all aspects of management, including effective diversified team leadership, operations and marketing, simulation projects that reflect company management activities, accounting and finance, and more. She chose fintech and digital marketing as her electives.

Mentoring and guidance

“I regularly communicate with my manager at work and discuss the topics that I study at the MBA. Some of my coursework assignments are based on my actual work, ”she says, adding that she is often encouraged to apply what she has learned to improve her work.

Industry exposure and hands-on training

Hands-on training, especially in modeling projects, was extremely rewarding. “I have not yet embarked on the final project, which again will bring some practical learning benefits,” says a Kerala girl who tends to apply this knowledge in the workplace to solve real-life problems.

Admission process

To apply for the program, candidates must complete the Global MBA Application Form, take an admission test, and provide supporting documents. “As part of the admission process, many factors, including education, career development, leadership and entrepreneurial qualities of students, are assessed by School B,” says Parvati.

“During the MBA admission process, the school will consider all aspects of the application equally (including application form, essays, references, resume, degree, professional qualifications, entrance exam scores, English level and interview). The MBA admissions committee will evaluate each element according to eligibility criteria and make the final decision, ”she adds.



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