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The race to beat US Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy

Covid-19 infection rate again bloating In the United States. The number of cases has increased over the past two weeks, and the number of vaccinations received remains stubbornly below the level given by President Joe Biden. purpose… However, this week at least there has been a slight shift in attitudes towards the vaccine, with several once-resisted public figures now rolling up their sleeves to receive a shot.

Steve Scalize, a senior House Republican, has finally received vaccinated July 17 following reports of an increase in hospitalizations and the spread of the highly transmissible delta variant. July 20 Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, said everyone get vaccinated as soon as possible.

It also emerged that the parent company of Fox News, a right-wing news channel that has become synonymous with skepticism about vaccine passports, has itself implemented a Covid-19 policy that includes allowing only fully vaccinated company employees to work. office without mask or social distancing. Just over a month ago Fox presenter Tucker Carlson compared workplace passports in accordance with the racist laws of the Jim Crow era, similar to “segregation”.

It is unclear why this shift among conservatives is happening now. Some have suggested this is due to the proliferation of aggressive Delta, especially in states prone to Republican politics. Or because US stock markets fell on July 19 as the international community worries about the prospects for economic recovery.

Whatever the reason, new support does not come immediately: the number of hospitalizations is increasing, especially in areas where vaccination rates are low. Serious cases have been reported among fully vaccinated individuals, but those who are not fully vaccinated, who are currently at greater risk, remain Account for more than half of the country. Specifically, three states – Florida, Missouri and Texas – are now responsible for 40 percent new cases.

Encouragingly, five states with soaring increases in Covid-19 – Florida, Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas and Nevada – have vaccination rates. beat the national average for the second week in a row. But it takes weeks to develop immunity, and now the virus is devastating communities.

The fact that Donald Trump in a recent statement connected Uncertainty about the vaccine against the belief that the election was stolen is also completely useless. Vaccine plots have already spread among the population, and on July 22, the CBS morning program aired a video of an interview with a man who, having just survived a severe case of COVID-19, is still refused get a vaccination.

As for the impact of more positive vaccination messages? In this case, better late than never. But for some it will be too late.

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