Threat letter to Gautam Gambhir originated from Pakistan, says Delhi Police


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Threat letter to Gautam Gambhir originated from Pakistan, says Delhi Police 

The two alleged death threats sent to Former cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir has originated from Pakistan, confirms Delhi Police. 

Delhi Police’s IFSO unit has identified the man who sent threatening emails to the former cricketer. Police said, the mail was sent by a person named Shahid Hamid from Pakistan, its IP address has also been identified. The investigation is on. 

The Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations unit of Special Cell has written to Google seeking information which said that a few other people including MP Gambhir had also received such threatening mails by Hamid in the name of a terror organisation, ISIS Kashmir. Delhi Police Special Cell is also assisting in the investigation.

Gambhir received two alleged death threats within a span of less than 24 hours from “ISIS Kashmir” prompting the Delhi Police to beef up security at his residence here, officials said on Wednesday.

After receiving the first threat, a complaint addressed to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) stated that a death threat from “ISIS Kashmir” was received on the official email ID of Gambhir at 9.32 pm on Tuesday, they said. The mail read, “We are going to kill you and your family”, the officials said.

In the first complaint, a request was made to look into the matter, register an FIR and make necessary security arrangements, they said. The Delhi Police has beef up security at his residence.

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