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Tokyo Olympics 2020: Games put spotlight on mental health of athletes and the role of dogs

The Tokyo Olympics are taking place at a time when the world is shuddering from the effects of long periods of isolation due to pandemic… Among other things, it has caused mental health problems for many people, especially those who have had to stay away from their families.

Preparing for the 2020 Olympics has been particularly challenging for the athletes. Giving the world something to applaud and also making sure they are physically, mentally and emotionally ready to showcase their skills on the global stage is no easy feat.

This is why, when the opening ceremony ended, showing only the appearance of a normal and hopeful future, the official Olympic Games YouTube channel posted a very important video of how many athletes had to train in the months leading up to the present event, just so that they at least could qualify. participation in games, and how it affected their mental health.

The nearly four-minute video tells the story of two athletes, Leticia Boufoni and Dashon Jordan. He shows how they work, recover from injuries, insecurities and ultimately find happiness in the four-legged “ground support system.”

The pressures of working hard and getting qualified affects them “in many negative ways.” It doesn’t help that they don’t have families of their own to turn to for support, especially after a hard day of training.

The video description read: “Many of this year’s athletes train, compete and prepare for the Olympic Games in complete isolation. Separated from family and friends because of COVID-19 more constrained and faced with mental health problems, they needed a local support system like never before. Allianz sent furry reinforcements … “

A group of emotional support dogs were sent to cheer up the athletes and change their perspective on success and dealing with failure. The Allianz Support Dog Squad, as they are called, shared their unconditional love, helping them feel better psychologically – moving away from negative space.

It’s important to talk about mental health and we’re glad this video exists. Know wherever they are that there are many tools that can help them. And dogs are just the most wonderful support.

During the pandemic, we heard more and more stories about Psychotherapy dogs help medical staff cope with the pressure of the pandemic. And even before that people shared their stories about how dogs helped them look at life with a fresh perspective.

Indianexpress.com previously contacted Chennai-based psychiatrist and director of SCARF, Dr. Padmavati Ramachandran, who said, “A pet can be a stress reliever. This is why it really benefits many people to have a pet. Pets are unbiased and give people a sense of responsibility. A pet can be medicinal – dogs, cats, birds. They help reduce stress levels, and more than a biological aspect, they are psychological effects. We are talking about another living being. “

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