Twitter brings closed caption toggle to iOS, Android apps: All you need to know


Twitter has announced that it is launching a button to switch subtitles for its video player on its website. iOS as well as android Applications. If the video has subtitles, a button will be visible in the top right corner of the video and will allow users to choose whether they want to see subtitles for the video or not. Twitter reportedly tested the feature in April, but it was only available to a limited number of iOS users at the time.

Until now, closed captions have appeared in Twitter videos on your mobile phone depending on many factors, including whether you have enabled them in your phone’s accessibility settings and whether you watch the video with the sound turned off. While this is still the case, you can now easily turn subtitles on and off whenever you want, similar to how it works on the Twitter website.

In email correspondence with edgeTwitter spokesperson Shaokyi Amdo said the button will only appear on videos with subtitles already available and is not related to the automatic subtitle system.

In other news, earlier this week, Twitter confirmed it was working on a built-in “Notes” feature that will allow users to write long text on the platform instead of linking to an article or blog they wrote from outside. Tweets are currently limited to 280 characters. The Notes feature is currently in testing and is only available in certain regions such as the US, Ghana and Canada.

Notes will be a separate section within the app where Twitter users will be able to jot down their detailed content in the “Write” tab. This longer part can be embedded in a tweet later to post. Twitter also mentioned that a group of writers helped the platform test the feature by posting notes with other tweets, images, and videos embedded in them.



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