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What does Sajid Javid’s appointment mean for the UK’s Covid-19 policy?

New Health Minister Sajid Javid is expected to confirm the July 19 opening date in a statement to the House of Commons tonight as MPs return to Westminster after a busy weekend. Following Matt Hancock’s resignation, attention is now drawn to the impact that Javid’s return will have on the balance of power in Boris Johnson’s cabinet, with most in Westminster expecting Javid to take a more aggressive approach to Covid restrictions than his predecessor.

The new health minister formally announced last May that he would prefer to “keep the economy hot,” and while his views may well be disproved with a briefing on health issues rather than acting as the former chancellor, the transition from Dove isolation regime in Hancock with Hawk Javid could have serious implications for border restrictions this summer and for the broader problem of fighting the virus this winter. This is not to mention the tensions that could arise when the seasoned former chancellor clashes with his successor, Rishi Sunak, over funding for social assistance.

Meanwhile, after Hancock’s revelations, the government has a few more questions. Labor are keen to emphasize that Boris Johnson failed to fire Hancock in the first place, while Conservative MPs are nervous about Johnson’s response to Hancock’s resignation letter, fearing that he needlessly burned political capital by indicating that the former health minister would welcome return. to the office later.

However, the biggest questions remain those that are asked Sunday Times in February. How did Hancock end up appointing a “close friend” to a taxpayer-funded position in the Department of Health? Why was Gina Coladangelo’s parliamentary pass sponsored by James Bethell, a Tory member and health minister she never worked for? And were the contracts awarded to Brother Coladangelo’s company duly awarded?

A photo of the hug was taken on the front page of the magazine. the sun pay due attention to these issues. There is now a risk that after Hancock’s resignation, interest in answers has already faded.



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