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Windows Insider programme: How to download a preview of Windows 11 early

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced Windows 11, the first major update to the world’s most popular desktop operating system in six long years. Windows 11 has a cleaner user interface, the Start menu has a new look, the Microsoft Store has been redesigned, and users can now run Android apps through the Amazon app store. The successor to Windows 10 will be available as a free update later this year and will continue to roll out until 2022. However, those who can’t wait too long can join the Windows Insider Program and start downloading Windows 11 as early as next year. a week.

Here’s how to join the Windows 11 Insider Program.

What is the Windows Insider Program?

Microsoft wants people to test early builds before they are released to the general public, and this is where the Insider program comes in. The company describes the Insider program as “a community of millions of Windows ‘biggest fans” who are the first to know what’s next.’ The idea behind the Insider program is to allow developers to test early builds of Windows. This is how you give Microsoft feedback on what’s working and what can be improved. But the Insider program isn’t just for developers. In fact, anyone can sign up and download the previews of Windows 11 from the developer channel. Keep in mind: there are many bugs and broken features in new updates. This is why we do not recommend downloading and installing the early preview version of Windows 11 on your work computer.

How do I become a Windows Insider?

Joining the Windows 11 Insider Program is simple and easy. All you need to do is open the Windows Insider website, click the Sign Up button, then sign in to your Microsoft account on the Windows Insider website and follow the instructions. You can also join the Windows Insider Program directly from your Windows 10 computer. On your Windows 10 computer, open Settings, click Update & Security, and then Windows Insider Program.

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How to download Windows 11

Microsoft has already confirmed that it will begin rolling out preview builds of Windows 11 to users of the Windows Insider program next week. But to boot Windows 11, you first need to check if your computer has a 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. Essentially, Microsoft has changed the minimum requirements for running Windows 11. You can find the minimum requirements for an update by opening the PC Health app, which is a free download from Microsoft.



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