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World IVF Day: Parents share their IVF stories

The path to fatherhood through in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a blessing for couples who want to conceive a child and cannot do so for various medical reasons. Many homes have been blessed with newborn laughter because of this miracle of modern medicine. “I was 39 years old when I started my IVF journey. I became a mom when I was 43 years old. The only way to experience the joy of becoming a mom is through IVF. Although my journey has been filled with several delays and setbacks, I’m glad I didn’t give up, ”says Arunima Gupta, HR specialist at MNC Bank in Bangalore.

The choice to conceive a child through IVF has satisfied the desires of many couples at different ages, and couples are battling stereotypes about IVF by focusing on the end result of being a parent. “Every day since the birth of my child has been a joyous moment. I find joy in milestones, but also in everyday things, such as the way children’s clothes dry on a clothesline. There is nothing wrong with choosing IVF. Those who discourage or advise against this will not fill the void couples feel when trying to have a baby. IVF is as beautiful as natural conception. Throughout your IVF journey, friends or the community of other patients can be an excellent source of support. And don’t be afraid to ask the experts for support. The taboo on IVF is decreasing these days as you meet so many people around you who have opted for IVF. At this stage, I would say that this is the new norm! Gupta shares.

Some couples who choose IVF also advise others to consider it as a simple medical procedure. “I am so grateful that I chose IVF, because this decision, made by me and my wife, has brought us a wonderful daughter who makes our life joyful and fulfilling every day. I think there is nothing wrong with IVF if the doctor recommends it. I am 31 years old and I am glad that I chose him. If you find happiness through IVF, then what does it matter what someone thinks? Now people are much more open and accepting. Choosing IVF is all about seeking medical help for conception. There is nothing else. It is a medical procedure that helps make your life better. Why should it be taboo if it is such a blessing? “Says businessman Raj Agarwal from Delhi.

Confirming the recent rise in demand for IVF, physicians are raising awareness by dispelling IVF myths through social media and counseling patients. “Sterility is definitely on the rise, it cannot be denied. People are postponing childbirth and marriage much more than before. In addition, with the increasing number of divorces, having a child is desirable in a second marriage or as a single parent after a divorce. In addition, there is now a decline in reproductive health at a very young age in all genders due to unhealthy lifestyles and the environment. At this stage, IVF has become the prevailing medical choice for conception, ”says Dr. Yuvraisingh Jadeja, MD Obbs & Gynek, DipRM, FRM, DIAGE.

Crushing the difference between IVF infants and natural conception, Jadeja shares: “If I put two babies next to each other, one from IVF and the other from natural conception, neither you, nor the doctor, nor the scientist in the world. can ever predict the nature of conception. In this world, millions of children were born as a result of IVF, and we have enough scientific data and evidence to firmly say that there is no difference. So instead of being influenced by what others have to say, choose the path that will lead you to happiness. Medicine can help you become a parent, but IVF should just be viewed as a medical procedure that helps you, and nothing more. “

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