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Yvonne Strahovski on ‘The Tomorrow War’: ‘A big fan of alien movies’

The actor says he is fascinated by the concept and loves the thrilling ride the alien movie provides.

Yvonne Strahovski loves science fiction films. Speaking from Los Angeles, the Australian actor says: “I love the thrilling ride that an alien movie can take with it. I am very happy to be a part of one of them. ” Strahovski, whom we saw as the level-headed and distant Serena Joy in The Handmaid’s Tale, is part of Chris McKay’s big fat action movie, Tomorrow’s war

Strahovski plays Colonel Muri fighting aliens in the future. “I especially love this character – not only is she an incredibly capable woman, she is also smart, and she was tasked with solving the biggest problem in the world. Muri is someone who was able to put aside his personal problems to focus on the current task, which is to prevent the aliens from destroying humanity. I love the pressure behind this and the emotional core of the character. “

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Flipping pages

The 38-year-old actor read the script, which she describes as page-turning. “I met Chris Pratt and Chris McKay on Zoom before he got so popular (laughs). I was in Australia filming. It was a great meeting and the rest is history; here we are today. “

In choosing the role, Strahovski says he is looking for an interesting story. “It is desirable that there is something to say about today’s world and socially significant topics.”

Preparation for the role involved military training. Strahovski says. “We were taught to handle weapons. All the actors were brought together, it was a great experience. “

Turn on

There were many memorable moments on set, Strahovski said. “The one in which I had to do the trick at the top of the power plant stands out especially. The floor was transparent and the ground could be seen through the bottom. I had to face high beam with Chris Pratt. I’m not too afraid of heights, but I remember going up there and thinking, “This is really high, and I hope I don’t fall from this distant light” (laughs), although we were on the ropes and were protected. It was scary right now. “

Commenting that there will always be drama in her heart, Strahovski says: “I really enjoy doing action films. I think it’s such a pleasure to do stunts and crazy things that you would never think of, or would ever have the opportunity to do if you weren’t part of an action movie. “

Difficult choice

Insisting that it is difficult to choose between movies and shows, Strahovski says, “Oh, they’re so different. Difficult to compare. On a TV show, you have plenty of time to sit with your character and get to know him. You can act out sides of the character that you don’t need to play in the movie. The film is shorter, but still gripping. In a good movie where your character is well developed, you can still do the same. Movies are shorter and you will get a lot of impressions in a shorter amount of time. Moving from work to work, I experience what it is like to be in charge of a character. “

There are plans for another season for the future. The Handmaid’s Tale… “There’s something else I’m working on that I’m not allowed to talk about yet.” Strahovski laughingly answers all those who wonder what drives Serena Joy. “Oh, what doesn’t turn her on? I think June (Elisabeth Moss) turns her on. The idea of ​​having a baby excites her. Fred (Joseph Fiennes) makes her tick. Everyone excites her! “

Tomorrow’s War is now on Amazon Prime Video



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